Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lightspeed International Research Panel

*Note: As of 01/24/2011 Lightspeed has merged with - Any Lightspeed link will redirect to mysurvey. Read more about mysurvey here

LightSpeed Research was founded in 2000 by parent company WPP one of the world's largest communications services groups. LightSpeed Research has millions of panelists across more than 30 countries worldwide. In exchange for their online survey participation, panelists are awarded LightSpeed Points which are redeemable for cash, gift certificates and prizes. Additional membership benefits include daily points giveaways and periodic cash sweepstakes.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MySurvey - Paid to Take Surveys - Affiliate Program

With the strong support of panel members such as yourself, we have developed the world’s largest consumer panel and are the premiere global provider of marketing information to major corporations worldwide.

I have been a member of MySurvey for some time now. I've been paid several times by them. Like many other survey sites, MySurvey pays out points which can be redeemed for various things such as gift certificates to many of the larger retailers and other places. You can also use your points to donate to various charities. The minimum paypal cashout is 1100 points for $10.

The surveys are never long and sometimes you get a bigger point award once you get through one. For instance, there may be a short survey for 5 points that lasts only a minute or two, but by completing it, you may get a followup survey for 500 points or more. This site also sometimes sends you actual product to test and then do a survey on later.

MySurvey also offers a referral and affiliate program. Each gives 150 points per signup.

MySurvey Membership Offers Many Rewards

$10,000 Sweepstakes
Grand prize of $10,000 – awarded several times a year
Your first chance to win when you register
Extra chance to win every day you login to

Reward Points
Earn points for joining, taking surveys and referring others
Redeem points for cash, prizes or charity donations with just a few simple clicks.
1,100 points = $10.00 cash

Extravaganza Daily GiveAway
A member wins 10,000 points every day!
Automatic entry when you register, and each time you log in or take a survey at the site

Survey Completion Bonus Sweepstakes
Multiple winners for each sweepstakes – awarded monthly or bi-monthly
Chance to win 50,000 Reward Points for taking the First Chance Survey – a 5-minute survey that you are invited (via email) to take within a few days of registering. Winner selected each month.
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

eJury - Get paid to be an Online Juror - Get paid to submit your opinion by being an online juror.

I am not a member of eJury - in fact, I just signed up while writing this post. However, I did do the research and many have reported being paid by eJury, the biggest gripe I can find is that it's rare that you receive a case. So this is one of those sites you should join, but forget about, until you finally get a case that is.

"eJury provides attorneys the opportunity to learn what others think about their cases. eJury functions much like a traditional "live" mock jury or focus group except that the jurors (or eJurors) participate via the Internet.  The convenience of online participation allows for a larger panel on each case, giving the attorney the type of feedback normally associated with large focus group research, but without the traditionally high cost.  The results give the submitting attorney something he/she can use to promote settlement and/or prepare for trial."
"Step 1:  The attorney prepares the Case Submission which consists of facts from the perspectives of each party, the jury questions which would be used at trial, and personal questions designed to obtain additional feedback.
Step 2:  eJury converts the attorney's Case Submission into an "html format" and posts it to a secure location on our website where only eJurors in the county of selection can access the case.  The eJurors in that county are then notified by e-mail that a new case has been posted.
Step 3:  The eJurors return to our website, log in, and begin reviewing the facts and answering the questions, each clicking a "Submit Verdict" button upon completion.  Once the minimum number of verdicts have been rendered (usually 50), the case automatically concludes.  A case summary is posted later for those interested in seeing the results."
"For each verdict rendered, eJurors are paid $5 - $10 (*Note - I have read of people receiving more, $20-80*) depending on the length of the case.  The amount to be paid will be shown at the top of each case.  You certainly won't get rich serving as an eJuror, but just one case a week would probably pay for your Internet access. Payments are made via PayPal, a global leader in online payment solutions with 64 millions account members worldwide.  If you don't have a PayPal account already, you can sign-up for free by clicking the link below or by visiting"
  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • be a citizen of the United States;
  • be of sound mind and good moral character;
  • be able to read and write;
  • have never been convicted of a felony; and
  • not be under indictment or other legal accusation of misdemeanor theft or felony theft or any felony charge.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

GlobalTestMarket - Get Paid to Complete Surveys

GlobalTestMarket - Get Paid to Complete Surveys

"GlobalTestMarket will reward you for every online survey you complete. GlobalTestMarket rewards MarketPoints as well as sweepstakes entries into daily and monthly cash drawings. Once you reach 1,000 MarketPoints, you can redeem your balance for $50 U.S. dollars. Sweepstakes winners will be contacted directly to claim their cash prize."

GlobalTestMarket is a survey site that pays you to complete surveys. Like many other survey sites, you receive points for taking surveys and the points are redeemable by cash. Minimum cashout is $50 which is equal to 1,000 points.

I have been paid by GlobalTestMarket a handful of times. I have to admit that it takes a while to amass 1,000 points on this site, so I tend to do these surveys more casually than others. I receive about 3 survey invitations per day, sometimes more and they range between 15-60 points with an occasional 80 pointer, so you can see how it might take a while before you reach 1,000. But it always seems worth it when you receive that $50 or more check :)

GlobalTestMarket also runs a daily and monthly cash sweepstakes, and you receive one entry for every survey that you do. Some surveys offer only sweepstakes entries, but more often they offer points.

GlobalTestMarket is available in 43 countries.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Opinion Outpost - Get Paid to Complete Surveys and to Refer Members

Opinion Outpost - Get Paid to Complete Surveys, Get Paid to Refer and Affiliate Network
"Opinion Outpost is part of a large market research company and has been conducting market research data collection since 1987. Opinion Outpost is an online survey research panel. Joining Opinion Outpost is absolutely free. We currently accept members from the US and Canada. Opinion Outpost members receive survey opportunities each month. Members generally earn up to $5 per survey completed depending on the length and difficulty of the survey."

I've been a member of Opinion Outpost for some time now and have been paid many times by them. Minimum payout is $5 and can be reached quickly since the average single survey payout is between 10 and 80 points (Opinion Outpost uses a points system with every 10 points equaling $1).The points can be redeemed for either an Amazon Gift Card or for a check. Like most sites that send checks, it can take 4-8 weeks for delivery, but I seem to receive mines much sooner than that.

Opinion Outpost also offers both a referral system and an affiliate network. With the referral system, you get 20 points ($2) for referring a friend etc that completes at least one survey. The affiliate program pays $1 per sign up with a minimum payout of $20 - You must apply for the affiliate program separately from the regular survey site. Opinion Outpost is also apart of some other affiliate networks with varying payouts for leads.

Opinion Outpost sends out surveys regularly. I personally get several per day in my in-box and that's without having filled out all of the profile info. I qualify for many of the ones I take and there is a handy survey history in the dashboard that shows you all of the surveys you've done, whether you qualified or not and links to get back into them if you didn't finish.

Opinion Outpost is also on the Maxbounty Affiliate Network

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gangster Greed - Paid to Complete Offers, Paid to Complete Surveys, Some International Offers, Paid to Refer - Paid to Complete Offers, Paid to Complete Surveys, Some International Offers, Paid to Refer

Join clubs, fill out surveys, sign-up for free trials, apply for credit cards, and get cash in your PayPal for doing so! Get paid TODAY with our instant cashout system!

Participate in contests, compete to win cash and prizes, recruit soldiers, rise in rank, all while earning real cash!

You receive 25% commission for all earnings generated from your direct referrals. You will receive 6.25% commission on your second level referral's earnings. You'll receive 1.56% on your third level referrals' earnings, and so on. Our referral system is truly one of a kind and offers unlimited earning potential!

1. Create your account through our registration page.

2. Complete offers. Most offers are free trials, each has it's own payout value. Once you've completed an offer, just click the "done" button to claim it.

3. As soon as we receive verification of offer completion, we'll add your earnings to your account. You can view earnings on the stats page.

4. As soon as you reach the minimum payout of $10.00, just hit the "Cashout" button to instantly cash out! An administrator will review the cashout request, usually within 24 hours. Once approved, you're paid instantly via PayPal! Other sites make you wait until next month, with you can get paid TODAY!

5. Refer your friends using your personal referral URL. Earn a commission on all of your referrals with our referral system, starting at 25% commission for your direct referrals!

6. Have fun as you rise in rank and power. Recruiting new soldiers and earning cash. Work your way up the ladder from outsider to Don. Do you have what it takes?

What are the requirements to join?
You must be 13 years of age or older and agree to our terms and conditions. Members under 18 years of age should have parental consent. Members residing outside the U.S.A. are not allowed to participate in offers, however they can earn cash through referrals.

When do I get paid?
You may cash out any time there is at least $10.00 in your account. Go to the 'stats' page and click "cashout" Once you do this, the cashout request will be sent to an administrator. Once the request is approved, you are paid immediately. Requests are normally processed within 24-48 hours, usually sooner.

I'm tired of filling out long forms. Is there anything I can do to make it easier?

Sure, check out Roboform. Roboform is a free program that lets you store the information you type into web forms. Once you store the information, you can fill out forms with a single click! This will greatly increase your speed at completing offers. The program is spyware/adware free, but if you use it a lot they do have an advanced version that you can buy.

RoboForm: Learn more...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cash Lagoon - Complete Offers, Take Surveys, Refer

Cash Lagoon

Cash Lagoon - Get Paid To Complete Offers, Get Paid To Take Surveys

$2 Minimum Payout Through PayPal

Get Paid to Take Surveys and Complete Free Offers!

We have 2652 free cash offers worth $8378.53

Also offers Daily Cash Surveys and Contests

Cash Lagoon Uses a Point System

PayPal - 2Points Minimum = $2 Payout for PayPal - Pays Within 24 Hours

Check - 5Points Minimum = $5 Check

PrePaid Visa - 27Point Minimum = $25 Prepaid Visa

Referrals: 3 Levels Deep: 20% - 5%

Members: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain

Pays By: PayPal, Obopay, Check or Gift Card

Cash Lagoon is the #1 place on the web to get paid to take instant pay surveys and earn FREE CASH!!! Earn FREE cash for web offers and free cash for surveys! We have many incentive based offers that will allow you to get some free cash including mystery shopping offers and surveys for companies. All with an instant payout! Get paid to take surveys in your pj's and earn some free cash. We have a HUGE amount of web offers that are all incentive based. Choose a few or as many as you want.

*** 3 Ways to WIN!!! ***

1. Complete Free Offers

Our sponsors are paying for you to try their services! Get paid to offer your input and sample their products! You can earn free cash for surveys, sampling products, joining free websites and more! There are hundreds of offers to choose from. Complete an offer and get FREE cash!

Ready to start earning FREE cash? Sign up here and start completing offers within minutes! If you already have an account, click here to login!

2. Referrals

We are so sure that you're going to love our service, that we want to reward you for spreading the word! For everyone you refer, we're going to give you 20% of their earnings in FREE CASH! AND, as if that's not enough, we're also going to give you an additional 5% for everyone THEY sign up! The earning potential is unlimited!!!

To get started, click here!

3. Daily Contests

Our daily contests are nothing to laugh about. We have contests posted each day right here, at Cash Lagoon and in our forums! It's a great way to earn even more free cash so check back often so you can participate and remember, FREE cash doesn't cost you a penny!

Still skeptical??? Want additional information??? Checkout our forum - with over 7,000 members that use our sites, they can offer advice, tell you about their prizes or just help you with any general questions you may have.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Step Above - Paid to Shop - Mystery Shopping - Secret Shopping

A Step Above

A Step Above Service Evaluations recruits honest and observant people, across the United States, to evaluate customer service, courtesy, sales effort, and store cleanliness. We hire people, as independent contractors, to act as evaluators in areas where our clients' locations need to be serviced. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.



A Closer Look - Mystery Shopping - Secret Shopping - Paid to Shop

A Closer Look

Join the Premier Mystery Shopping Team

Do you like dining out and trying new places? Would you enjoy a night or two away from home now and then? If so, you should consider becoming one of our mystery shoppers. You must be reliable, observant, detail-oriented and possess excellent writing skills.

First, you'll need to pass our pre-application test (failure to pass this test will disqualify you from becoming a shopper.) You will be asked to enter a valid email address and a link to the test page will be sent to the address that you enter. Once you have passed the pre-application test, you will proceed to filling out the application page. After you've submitted the information, your application will be reviewed and you will receive email notification from us if you have been accepted as a shopper. Sometimes this process can take a while, so please wait for the email notification - do not call our offices - too many applications are submitted every day to handle phone calls about their status.

Before becoming a shopper, read our mystery shopper FAQ's. This link does not explain what is required to be a shopper, it just answers a few basic questions that shoppers ask. Your first mystery shopping assignment could be just around the corner! To get started, click below to proceed to the application.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Associated Content - Paid To Write

Check out my published content!

AC: Associated Content - Get Paid to Write Now this is a good one for all of my article writers. I had no idea, but I soon found that this site is ridiculously popular. Here you can post your original articles and get paid for them. You can sell them to or you can retain all of your rights, you can have them reviewed for payment (whether you sell the rights or keep them) or for non payment. I have yet to post an article yet (as I am not much of an article writer) but I do read the content. There are some very deep and very insightful pieces found there. Authors of all types. You may find something very informative and very relative to you.

Associated Content is a platform that enables everyone to publish their content in any format on any topic and then distributes that content to engaged audiences through its website and content partners. Those who contribute to Associated Content's ad-supported collection of original text, video, audio and images gain exposure and often earn cash for their participation.